About Us

About Us


Tori Hartman, Inc. offers a line of spiritual accessories designed to manifest miracles of transformation in the everyday lives of our customers. The concept is simple: provide tangible products and rituals that serve as doorways to the enchantments and powers of the Universe. The objective: make personal abundance attainable to every person who strives for change.

At Tori Hartman, Inc., we believe that the powers of transformation lie within. Our products guide the way to attracting those things our customers seek through intention, such as money, relationships and employment. Our spiritually connected team works to collaborate and deliver miracles with every item offered. Products are available online and through wholesale and retail channels. We look forward to sharing our blessings with you. Welcome to the spiritual journey of growth and happiness.

Psychic Tori Hartman


The common vision of my partners and I brought us together under the name Tori Hartman, Inc. for one mission: to enrich, enlighten and inspire. We envision a world that encourages expression of the highest
Self, resulting in peace and prosperity for all. We believe that as we bless others, we, too, share in those blessings. So when we pay the toll on the road for the car behind us, it’s because everyone deserves a touch of magic in their lives.

Such simple acts are the beginnings of love and brotherhood worldwide. Here, we offer products that will empower you to attract and create the life of your dreams so that you,
too, can inspire others.


Our Company

The connection to Source allows you to manifest your dreams. All of our
products are tools to assist you in attracting what you deeply desire and setting powerful intentions to make it happen.

All of our products work in harmony and you will be attracted to those which most align with your intention.

What is an Intention?

It is bigger than a wish, more intense than a goal. An intention is the force that rolls determination and spirit all into
one and throws it out into the universe like a meteor, hurling toward creation and manifestation. This is the power of you and spirit combined.

All intentions require these steps:

  • Identify your desire.
  • Feel it into your soul.
  • Live the invisible.

What you currently have in your life will reveal your true intention.

Change your intention. Change your life.