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Are you intuitive? Would you like to be around others who are? Come join like minded people while you develop your intuition with Tori in Spiritual Club.

This exclusive membership includes:

  • Live interactive tele-seminars with Tori and other club members
  • Tori’s popular monthly Psychic Reading meeting where she gives free readings to club members
  • Your own profile in our private online community,
  • Plus deep discounts on class with Tori
  • And SO much more – like automatic discounts on many of our products!


Seriously, this level of support is worth oodles and boodles!




What would it be like to connect with others who honor their intuition as you do?


Can you imagine stepping into the self-honoring life you truly envision?


Do If you could be around others who “get you,” what would that feel like?


Are you ready to discover your magical formula?


…then welcome to the club.



While many online spiritual communities solely offer members lectures on theory, in the Tori Hartman Spiritual Club meetings are always interactive. In every meeting Tori explains the focus of the meeting and demonstrates an exercise, where members are able to work in private conference rooms to work with one or two other club members. Using Maestro Conference technology members work on exercises privately in every meeting, promoting deep connections and major personal breakthroughs.



Here’s What Current and Past Members Had to Say:


“I love the events and mixing with the people in Spiritual Club, who have become good friends that I share the same interests with. Like-minded people. Spiritual Club has given me so much confidence in my ability, and now I’m even teaching classes when before I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it. Everything is changing in my life since I came into the club. For everyone who signs up, just be prepared for your life to change for the better!” - Laurie


“My favorite thing about being a Spiritual Club member is getting the monthly lessons from Tori, that always give me new insights. I love all the intuitive people in the club. There are so many really gifted people and I love being able to get their insights too. When I first joined in the club I didn’t really know if I was intuitive or not, but I feel like I’ve discovered new gifts, and I’ve just grown so much spiritually and emotionally. I deeply enjoy the support and my new like-minded friends from Spiritual Club.” - June


“Being able to go back to the Spiritual Club downloads and listen to the Psychic Readings from Tori enables me to have a deeper understanding of the Color Wisdom Cards as Tori works with them. I love being able to access past Spiritual Club meetings, so even if I’m not able to be there, I can still continue the work and use it as a tool to build my psychic abilities.” - Karen


“Through her amazing insight, Tori guides from breakdown to breakthrough. Her classes promote the camaraderie, support, and compassion needed for fulfilling new dreams as well as redefining old ones. The growing community of wise women in her classes, as well as her spiritual club is of all ages, stages, and professions. They are there to join you on your journey to your authentic self. Tori’s gift of intuition enables her to tune in and reach the needs of her students and club members at a deeper level. I have worked in social services for more than twenty years, I am a mother and grandmother. Through her classes Tori helped me to redefine what I wanted going forward, to recognize my strengths, and talents as well as defeating patterns. I am currently re-inventing myself, getting ready for the next twenty years with a passion to still serve but on a new path for financial growth as well. As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher appears.”- Judi

“After taking one of Tori’s classes, the results were amazing. My intuition was heightened, I felt more aware of all the possibilities in my life, and for the first time in a long time I knew that I had everything in me to make my dreams come true. Tori’s constant support throughout all the inevitable breakdowns and breakthroughs in the process of manifestation, was one of the things that helped me to stay on track to following my goals and vision for a new life. She never allows you to give up, and always helps guide you towards your next step with clarity and wisdom. The collective energy field that gets generated in the group sessions are incredible! I am so aware of the fact that I have a whole team behind me, and I could actually energetically feel the support of the group throughout my process. I am now a thousand steps closer to where I want to be.”- Laura



Tools to Live an Inspired Life:

  • Developing your intuition
  • Getting support from like minded people
  • Letting go of judgment
  • Identifying with and using your gifts
  • Developing spiritual trust
  • And more…


Come join in like minded individuals and grow in this amazing community
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