Chakra Wisdom Jewelry


Come tap into the energy that the Angels hold for you.

The Angels that visited Tori over 25 years ago and told the fables that have led to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, inspired her to create this wearable art collection.

As Tori hand poured her sample collection, each Angel revisited her with their own brand of “Medicine.” Their wisdom brought through a new concept in wearing your intention… and they became a powerful talisman to offer the Angel’s wisdom to bring you the magic of the original focus of the fable.

Each piece carries the power and personality of the image of the fable displayed. And personality is a key part of this collection’s charm! Each ring, earring, bracelet or charm is associated with a re-visitation from the original Angel who isn’t afraid to “tell” it like it is.

For instance, the SKY BLUE comes with this Angel’s advice: “Elevate your thinking – stop asking fools for advice.” Wear them for inspiration and as a reminder of what you intend to manifest.




Already, the rings are gaining popularity! Here are a few comments from customers who purchased and wore the rings:

“I can’t believe how powerful my rings are! I bought Aubergine AND Rose Without Thorns. When I wear them, my entire energy shifts! I am going to get one of each!!! Thank you!”
Sue P.
Boston, MA

“I wore Gold Coins today. I bought it because I liked the ring, but now, I’m finding that it opens up new ways to for me to attract money! Thank you!”
Martha R.
Phoenix, AZ

I feel magic every time I wear my Wolf of White Light earrings. Plus they are very high quality. Thank you!
Grace C.
Louisville, KY