Readings with Tori

Upon meeting Tori, you will immediately be struck by her quirky, accurate and paradigm shifting insights –
these are the very same qualities that have attracted a base of fans who love working with her.

Participating in her warm, supportive discussions and workshops are often magical experiences for those
participating, where for some their unique qualities are uncovered and for the first time in their lives are
celebrated as strengths.

Tori’s ability as a reader to tap into another person’s energy and gently offer suggestions goes farther than
the person she is focusing on. Although her insights are deeply personal, everyone participating experiences
the truth of her responses and her style is unparalleled in her transparent, lovably human approach.

She has a profound appreciation for those who are drawn to working with her and shows up at every session
in a present, real manner.

Private Readings

Individual Sessions

Tori intuitively reads her own Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards to bring clarity to your current situation and help to guide you to the answers you need. She will give you an extensive look at the choices and circumstances that will empower you to live the life you desire.

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Multi-Generational Healing Sessions

Discover hidden agreements with your ancestors in order to create sustainable results in magnetizing, manifesting, and using the Law of Attraction. Identify the challenges and the rewards of your family legacy, while learning how to look at your family tree in a spiritual way. Who’s legacy are you trying to fulfill?

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