New Job

“I worked on a successful television series and loved my job. When it was cancelled, I figured I’d just jump on another gig. My wife got me your candle, and I got to tell you I thought it was stupid. So I didn’t use it. Like I said, I was thinking that I’d get a new gig right away. Well, almost two months later, my buddies who were promising me work were all already crewed up and I was still looking. I have a family to feed so I got desperate and lit your candle. I have to tell you that within four days of doing the whole intention setting thing, I had two offers. It wasn’t until I took one of the jobs that I asked the guy who hired me why it took him so long. He just said that I had popped into his head when they were looking and he didn’t know why. What was really weird was I figured out that the time he thought of me was right when I lit the candle. My wife has a few of your candles around and I told her to get more.”- George, CA


Divine Love

“There is nothing that I’ve wanted more than to be in love. After our session, you were pretty clear. I had to do some personal work, and that included having a long conversation with my father whom I had refused to speak to for five years. I wasn’t sure why but I drove the five hours to see him. We had a long talk late into the night, and for some reason we more honest than we’d ever been. We laughed and cried about our lives. It was very moving, and while I got that he would never change, it didn’t really matter anymore. I was clean. I came home and lit the Divine Love candle upon my return and waited. Nothing happened. Weeks later, I got a call from my dad. He was in the hospital and needed surgery. I made the trip up to see him, crying and convinced that he would die. Well, he was fine and recovered. But that was when I met Rob. His doctor. The love of my life. I didn’t understand how all this worked but next month my father is going to walk me down the aisle. I am eternally grateful.”- Jesse, GA

“These Candles are very powerful. I wanted to improve my private practice and after a week of using the Business Blessing candle, I made a major breakthrough in a pattern that was holding me back. I am now free to take the action necessary to grow my practice.”

- Matt, CA



“I am in the jewelry business so I do appreciate the quality of the silver plate on the Angel Rings, so much so I thought it was sterling silver. The silver plate is such high quality and they compliment my sterling jewelry beautifully. I wouldn’t wear them if I didn’t think they were so high quality. I wear my rings every day, even while I wash my hands, which I do several times a day. Number one I never take the ring off when I wash my hands and the rings look just as good as the first day I put it on my finger.” -Kathy, MA

“I had such astounding results with your Inspiration Chakra Vortex piece – during meditation, I knew I needed to tell my father I loved him. That night I got on a plane. The next morning we sat at his kitchen table for hours talking and connecting in ways I can honestly say we never had before. A week later, he passed on but I was complete. We healed something that day, and now I feel I can let myself live more fully – I can let inspiration in. I realized I was cutting myself off, like I didn’t deserve it.”- Steven, CA

“Okay, all I can tell you is this; within DAYS of putting this up in our home office, business started pouring in! And I mean almost too much to handle. Then in moving things around in the office, my partner put the vortex away for safekeeping. Our business slowed and then I realized that the Manifesting Vortex wasn’t there. I immediately made sure it was put back up and within a week and a half, we picked up pace again. My skeptical partner now says good morning to our Vortex (you’d laugh yourself silly seeing such a sight!).” - Tara, CA

“My mother was grief stricken when her beloved cat died after being a constant companion for 17 years. We were all very concerned because nothing would console her. I decided to give her the Open Heart as a gift, and wasn’t sure what to expect. She loved the gesture and put it in the window where her beloved Tabby would sun every afternoon. Soon after, she heard a cat meowing outside the window. He was swatting at the reflection of the crystals. Her new cat now sleeps under the Open Heart Chakra Vortex, and since that first time has never swatted at it. My mother calls her crystal Tabby Heart.”- Wendi, NY